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Smart casual

Smart casual

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Smart Casual

Smart Casual

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May I?

Why do we actually procrastinate and put off doing things? How often have you felt like you are on the sidelines watching people live their best lives and yet you came up with the idea first. “I wanted to do that years ago but never got around to it.” That youtube channel, that blog, that business. Yet we came up with so many reasons why it wouldn’t work instead of how you would make it work. We kick ourselves when we see someone else doing it so well.

Sadly we come up with excuses as to how that person has managed to succeed. “Oh its easy for her because her father is so and so.” “Well she has the look that sells.”  We credit anything else but their ability to work hard.

There are 3 reasons why we never get around to it:

  1. We never set a deadline. Things without a deadline might never get done because we are busy completing the ones with a deadline and set off our inner panic buttons.
  2. We don’t write down our goals. What gets written gets measured.
  3. We feel like we need permission to succeed but the truth is, you only owe it to yourself.


Go forth and know that you do not need anyone’s permission to do what you are passionate about, to succeed and love yourself.



Fast fashion

Gone were the days when a sale made me really excited. It has a lot to do with time. Most of the time I would have to zoom in and out a store. My son will just not have it. When I do shop, I am shopping for another person because it is my job.

Contrary to what many would believe, I don’t have a large wardrobe of clothing. It’s no longer about having quantity but quality.

So here are some tips for shopping smart:

  1. Take a picture. When you see yourself in the mirror you can see how you feel. When you look at your picture you can see how you really look.
  2. Don’t buy anything hoping you will fit into it next time.
  3. Dress for your body shape. You are unique and there’s only just one you. Just because it looks great on a mannequin (an hourglass body shape) it doesn’t mean it will look great on you. Mannequins were made to “sell clothes”.
  4. Choose suitable colours. It is best to get an Image Consultant to do a colour analysis for you.
  5. Once you have bought something that needs to be altered, send it off for alteration right away.
  6. Reflect on your lifestyle and needs to build a capsule wardrobe.


Krystal Clare


Untitled #36

Untitled #36

Beige dress
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Home decor
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There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

Naturally you would expect a person like me, given the nature of my career to second such a Quote.

This is the truth, it makes me cringe at the sight of this quote. Is that woman who is running around picking up her kids and making lunch lazy? That woman who has been up all night chasing the deadline and getting up in time for work  at 7am again lazy? It’s a matter of priorities and while I am here to assist anyone who needs a change up in their image, I really wouldn’t want to judge any clients based on this.

Perhaps it makes me cringe because I’m sure I have been judged harshly before. I’m still a big fan of being comfortable. I was once that mom who couldn’t get herself out of the “confinement stage” even after 1 and a half years. The greasy hair up in a bun, big boyfriend shirt and leggings. Every time I made it to the bathroom my son would cry. Back in the day (and I’m sure many moms,fathers, grandfathers,nannies or grandmothers can relate) when you sit down to even take a pee, the baby will wake up. Gone were the days when I could stroll into a salon for a hair wash and blow (I didn’t even own shampoo at home because I never washed my hair at home) yes those days. These days a trip to the bathroom including some extra time to wash my hair is a treat.

So there you have it, If people around you don’t think you are doing your best, I do.




Happy International Woman’s day!!

I given the honour to write an article for Leaderonomics which would consequently be featured in The Star Jobs pullout for Women’s day. Looking back, when I was mentally drawing up my Media Plan I thought that I would only qualify to write for such “big deals” after 2 years of being in the Consultation Industry … if i was lucky. I was specific and I wasn’t negative about it. I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

The lessons I take from this experience is,

-if you are clear about your goals, it will happen

-do the best you can

-stay patient throughout the process

-don’t be shy to ask and pray

-keep a positive mindset

It will be handed to you in its own time!

Grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and have a read

Beauty Is Not Just Skin-Deep

My Cabin Crew journey (Part 2)

I decided to write about how I ended up becoming a Cabin Crew. You can read about My Cabin Crew journey Part 1 here. It wasn’t an easy journey for me. Back in 2006 we didn’t have free online e-books, webinars or courses on how to pass interviews. If you wanted it bad enough, you did your research and forums were an excellent resource.

As I did my research I decided to be realistic. I never went for another Singapore Airline interview because I would never match up to their “Singapore Girl” image. I just would not fit in as well as a slim and slender girl. I have always had wide hips. Slim and slender I am not.

I needed an adventure. I needed a change and I wanted to live somewhere new. So i targeted to move to the middle East.

Along the journey, I got used to rejection and if the panel was kind enough they would give me feedback. I would go home, think about the feedback, work on it and try again. The feedback that I received from Andrew (the recruitment agency for Emirates during separate occasions were:

  1. Loose more weight.
  2. Practice the height reach test.
  3. Improve your complexion.

I will be forever grateful to him because interviewers will rarely take the time to call an interviewee back into the interview room and give the person feedback.

If there is one superpower I could give my son i would wish upon him the power to overcome rejection. It is unfortunate that overcoming rejection comes with practice, heartbreak, humiliation, the ability to deal with the stress it causes us, the constant questioning if we are even good enough. The beauty is, when we overcome rejection, we will come back stronger then ever.




Statement tee

If you prefer to build your wardrobe around colors instead of prints, here’s some inspiration on how to dress up with a statement t-shirt. Edgy and sweet.

I’m out xoxo Krystal

Statement tee


Pink tank top
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