May I?

Why do we actually procrastinate and put off doing things? How often have you felt like you are on the sidelines watching people live their best lives and yet you came up with the idea first. “I wanted to do that years ago but never got around to it.” That youtube channel, that blog, that business. Yet we came up with so many reasons why it wouldn’t work instead of how you would make it work. We kick ourselves when we see someone else doing it so well.

Sadly we come up with excuses as to how that person has managed to succeed. “Oh its easy for her because her father is so and so.” “Well she has the look that sells.”  We credit anything else but their ability to work hard.

There are 3 reasons why we never get around to it:

  1. We never set a deadline. Things without a deadline might never get done because we are busy completing the ones with a deadline and set off our inner panic buttons.
  2. We don’t write down our goals. What gets written gets measured.
  3. We feel like we need permission to succeed but the truth is, you only owe it to yourself.


Go forth and know that you do not need anyone’s permission to do what you are passionate about, to succeed and love yourself.




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