There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

Naturally you would expect a person like me, given the nature of my career to second such a Quote.

This is the truth, it makes me cringe at the sight of this quote. Is that woman who is running around picking up her kids and making lunch lazy? That woman who has been up all night chasing the deadline and getting up in time for work  at 7am again lazy? It’s a matter of priorities and while I am here to assist anyone who needs a change up in their image, I really wouldn’t want to judge any clients based on this.

Perhaps it makes me cringe because I’m sure I have been judged harshly before. I’m still a big fan of being comfortable. I was once that mom who couldn’t get herself out of the “confinement stage” even after 1 and a half years. The greasy hair up in a bun, big boyfriend shirt and leggings. Every time I made it to the bathroom my son would cry. Back in the day (and I’m sure many moms,fathers, grandfathers,nannies or grandmothers can relate) when you sit down to even take a pee, the baby will wake up. Gone were the days when I could stroll into a salon for a hair wash and blow (I didn’t even own shampoo at home because I never washed my hair at home) yes those days. These days a trip to the bathroom including some extra time to wash my hair is a treat.

So there you have it, If people around you don’t think you are doing your best, I do.





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