My Cabin Crew journey (Part 2)

I decided to write about how I ended up becoming a Cabin Crew. You can read about My Cabin Crew journey Part 1 here. It wasn’t an easy journey for me. Back in 2006 we didn’t have free online e-books, webinars or courses on how to pass interviews. If you wanted it bad enough, you did your research and forums were an excellent resource.

As I did my research I decided to be realistic. I never went for another Singapore Airline interview because I would never match up to their “Singapore Girl” image. I just would not fit in as well as a slim and slender girl. I have always had wide hips. Slim and slender I am not.

I needed an adventure. I needed a change and I wanted to live somewhere new. So i targeted to move to the middle East.

Along the journey, I got used to rejection and if the panel was kind enough they would give me feedback. I would go home, think about the feedback, work on it and try again. The feedback that I received from Andrew (the recruitment agency for Emirates during separate occasions were:

  1. Loose more weight.
  2. Practice the height reach test.
  3. Improve your complexion.

I will be forever grateful to him because interviewers will rarely take the time to call an interviewee back into the interview room and give the person feedback.

If there is one superpower I could give my son i would wish upon him the power to overcome rejection. It is unfortunate that overcoming rejection comes with practice, heartbreak, humiliation, the ability to deal with the stress it causes us, the constant questioning if we are even good enough. The beauty is, when we overcome rejection, we will come back stronger then ever.





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