Vintage Chanel

I can just smell the leather on a brand new Chanel. That smell will propel me straight to my happy place. When I was doing research on wether to splurge on a brand new Chanel classic flap or the Chanel GST, I did what any sane woman would do. I read blog after blog and watched countless youtube videos.

That is how I stumbled upon the glorious VINTAGE CHANEL BAG! I fell in love instantly. The oversized CC logos, the extra Gold on the chains and the boxy look and my favourite thing of all, a single flap! Apparently the Vintage Chanel bags were made to a higher standard. Here’s a price list of vintage bags.

If you are looking for a Vintage Piece, head over to .

They have a wonderful collection of Vintage bags in excellent condition and most of all, you don’t have to worry about the Authenticity.
Vintage Chanel


Chanel black quilted handbag
16,820 MYR –

Chanel flap bag
15,330 MYR –


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