1 blouse, 5 ways

Before I started my Image Consultant course I thought that looking good meant having a large wardrobe and many choices to choose from. When I was 25 and working for an independent boutique, I had so many clothes and shoes. However I would end up wearing the same old things. Things I felt most comfortable in.
I recently cleared up and decluttered a lot of my clothes. Clothes that didn’t fit (theres no point in hoping that they will one day), I honestly didn’t like, didn’t feel comfortable in (for instance the dresses that maxi dress that looked brand new but would ride up my chest). It was painful to let go but i made sure the process was fast like a plaster being ripped off my hairy hands.
Now that I am a Certified Image Consultant, I understand that looking good doesn’t mean having to wear something different overtime you go out or post a picture on social media. Its about the Return of investment. Change up the look with different items in your wardrobe, accessories or even your hairstyle.
1 blouse, 5 ways



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