This is my Cabin Crew journey

krystal clare


I remember two times when I conciously made the decicion to Change my Life. The first time was when I was working as a Marketing Communications Executive at a startup Streetwear company. The pay was great for a fresh graduate but being from East Malaysia, I really had bills to pay. My rent and car took up most of my expenses and I remember struggling to save money.

My biggest mistake was to happily get a credit card. That magic card that gets me that Louis Vuitton bag and I can pay later. Yes I was in my early twenties and I was certain that my life was supposed to be “Fabulousity”.

My colleague and real good friend Farhana the really cute girl in Gerhana Ska Cinta was looking through the Star and decided “Hey why don’t we go for the Singapore Airlines interview on the 20th of November.” We sent in our application online and was invited to the interview. I remember feeling so confident. It was my first ever airline interview, I have a Degree and I thought I have got it in the bag.

So we made it over to Concorde Hotel, registered and waited our turns. I went first and we were invited to go in 5 at a time. We were asked to introduce ourselves and were asked simple questions. “Why do you want to be a flight attendant?”. We were asked to leave the room and it was the longests 10 minutes of my life. When we finally got our results, They didn’t call my name. Boom!! Just like that I was OUT! My degree didn’t mean a thing. My preparation, my resume didn’t mean a thing.

The next few days, I was depressed. I didn’t take rejection well. I didnt know what was wrong with me. To make matters worse, it was my birthday 2 days later and I didn’t feel like I was worthy of celebrating. I dwelled for a few days and wallowed in self pity and then I picked myself up and told myself “CHALLENGE EXCEPTED!”




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